January 3

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EGS Collab Daily Shift Report


Date:  01/03/2020

Written by: John Carlo Primo (605-580-5041, jprimo@asu.edu)

SURF Personnel:

Location(s): 4850 West Drift




Planned Tasks: Water Sampling.


·      Caged down at 7:00 am.

·      A cooler with cold packs were brought down to the site to store the samples temporarily.

·      Upon arrival on-site, a visual inspection was done across the drift.

·      Collected water samples from the flowing boreholes PST, PDT, PB, PI and Injectate using 4L containers.

·      A peristaltic pump was used to circulate the water from the containers through silicone hoses and into a 5-gallon wastewater collection bucket.

·      PH level from each water sample was tested and noted down using PH test strips.

·      Geochem samples were collected from the 4L containers using 50ml Falcon tubes and were stored in the cooler.

·      Water sample from each container was filtered through Sterivex GP 0.22µm filters, which were immediately stored in the cooler.

·      All containers and silicone hoses were sterilized using ultrapure water and 5% Hydrochloric Acid. A face shield was utilized during sterilization.

·      Two empty 500 ml plastic bottles were labeled and used to store waste 5% HCl.

·      Caged up at 4:00 pm.

·      All samples and filters were transported, stored, and frozen in the -80 °C freezer in CCBR lab at 5:15 pm.


Lead Researcher:  John Carlo Primo (<a href="mailto:jprimo@asu.edu">jprimo@asu.edu</a>, tel.: 605-580-5041)


Documents or Procedures:  JHAs: EGS-009, EGS-013, EGS-015, EGS-016


Inspections: Inspected all water collection sites, sample processing site and equipment.


Materials Receiving/Shipping:


Comments: None


Recommendations: N/A.


Irregularities: None


Acts of Safety: Actively worked on preventing slips, trips, and falls. Followed proper procedures when handling 5% HCl.


Near Misses or Incidents:  N/A

EGS Collab Personnel Hours (Surface and Underground):




Surface Hours

Underground Hours

Time In

Time Out

Time In

Time Out


John Carlo Primo (Sigma V)

6:30 am

  4:30 pm

7:00 am

4:15 pm







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