January 17

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EGS Collab Daily Shift Report


Date:  01/17/2019

Written by: John Carlo Primo (605-580-5041, jprimo@asu.edu)

SURF Personnel: George Vandine

Location(s): 4850 West Drift




Planned Tasks: Water Sampling & DTS Maintenance.


·      Caged down at 7:00 am with George Vandine. Brought down wall insulation material for DTS maintenance.


·      Overall condition of EGS site was inspected upon arrival. It was noticed that the two monitors near the triplex were flickering. A VGA connector connected on a work laptop near the monitors was slightly wiggled to solve the issue.


1 17 1.jpg

·      The circulator was unplugged before work on the DTS bath was started. Old Rockwool insulation material surrounding the DTS bath was removed and was replaced with new insulation.


  1 17 2.png 1 17 3.png

Old and Wet Rockwool Insulation(Before).                                New Pink Insulation (After).

·      The water level inside the DTS bath was low. This was topped-off with more water until water level was above the fiber optic cable. Work on the DTS bath was done with the help of George. Martin Schoenball was also consulted through text message.


·      Temperature on the DTS bath was monitored throughout the day after maintenance was done. The temperature slowly rose to 42.77 ° C. This will be checked again on the next underground trip.


1 17 4.png


·      Collected water samples from the flowing boreholes PST, PDT, PB, PI and from the Injectate using 4L containers.

·      A peristaltic pump was used to circulate the water from the containers through silicone hoses and into a 5-gallon wastewater collection bucket.

·      PH level from each water sample was tested and noted down using PH test strips.

·      Geochem samples were collected from the 4L containers using 50ml Falcon tubes and were stored in a dry ice cooler.

·      Water sample from each container was filtered through Sterivex GP 0.22µm filters, which were immediately stored in a dry ice cooler.

·      All containers and silicone hoses were sterilized using ultrapure water and 5% Hydrochloric Acid. A face shield was utilized during sterilization.

·      Two empty 500 ml plastic bottles were labeled and used to store waste 5% HCl.

·      Caged up at 4:00 pm.

·      All samples and filters were transported and stored in -80 °C freezer in CCBR lab.


Lead Researcher:  John Carlo Primo (<a href="mailto:jprimo@asu.edu">jprimo@asu.edu</a>, tel.: 605-580-5041)


Documents or Procedures:  JHAs: EGS-009, EGS-013, EGS-015, EGS-016


Inspections: Inspected all water collection sites, sample processing site and equipment.


Materials Receiving/Shipping:


Comments: None


Recommendations: N/A.


Irregularities: None


Acts of Safety: Actively worked on preventing slips, trips, and falls. Followed proper procedures when handling 5% HCl.


Near Misses or Incidents:  N/A


EGS Collab Personnel Hours (Surface and Underground):




Surface Hours

Underground Hours

Time In

Time Out

Time In

Time Out


John Carlo Primo (Sigma V)

6:30 am

  5:00 pm

7:00 am

4:45 pm


George Vandine (SURF)

6:30 am


7:00 am

12:00 pm

Toolbox Talk Form

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Sampling Notes

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