Isotopic Analysis At U.S. West Region (Laney, 2005)

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Exploration Activity: Isotopic Analysis At U.S. West Region (Laney, 2005)

Exploration Activity Details
Location U.S. West Region
Exploration Technique Isotopic Analysis- Fluid
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Characterization and Conceptual Modeling of Magmatically-Heated and Deep-Circulation, High-Temperature Hydrothermal Systems in the Basin and Range and Cordilleran United States, Moore, Nash, Nemcok, Lutz, Norton, Kaspereit, Berard, van de Putte, Johnson and Deymonaz. Utilizing a wealth of formerly proprietary subsurface samples and datasets for exemplary high-temperature western U.S. geothermal systems, develop and publish detailed and refined new conceptual and numerical hydrothermal-history models of fundamental scientific import but, more importantly, of use to geothermal explorationists and developers as they seek to enhance and expand the nation's vital renewable-energy resource base. Model development encompasses examination and evaluation of drill cuttings and cores along with organization, analysis, and synthesis of surface and subsurface corporate databases. Methods employed in model development include geologic mapping, geologic logging of cores and cuttings, evaluation of geophysical well logs, geochemical analysis, fluid inclusion microthermometry, stable and radiogenic isotope analysis, radiometric age dating, computer modeling of hydrothermal histories and current developmental state of predictive capabilities for locating productive thermal-fluid aquifers or equally permeable zones suitable for reservoir-fluid restoration and pressure support through injection. Begin the process of evaluating the cumulative results of this research project with respect to applications in the emerging discipline of EGS.

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