Isotopic Analysis At U.S. West Region (Krohn, Et Al., 1993)

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Exploration Activity: Isotopic Analysis At U.S. West Region (Krohn, Et Al., 1993)

Exploration Activity Details
Location U.S. West Region
Exploration Technique Isotopic Analysis- Rock
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

The purpose of this discussion is to document mineralogic and textural characteristics of ammonium-bearing minerals at several known gold and mercury-bearing hydrothermal systems. Submicroscopic textural and paragenetic relations of ammonium-bearing minerals are examined at two gold deposits, Ivanhoe, Nevada and McLaughlin, California (Fig. 1 ), to understand how ammonium is related to other hydrothermal minerals. Nitrogen isotope compositions of the ammoniumbearing minerals are measured in an attempt to determine the source of N and to assess the mechanism of N incorporation into minerals within a hydrothermal setting. The results of these analyses may be used to make inferences about the genesis and movement of ammonium in other hydrothermal systems of the western U.S., to provide a context for interpreting data from near-IR sensors, and to investigate whether remote sensing of ammonium-bearing minerals can be utilized as a form of geochemical exploration.


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