International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies (LCS-RNet)

From Open Energy Information

"Realization of low-carbon societies (LCS) is an urgent global challenge. By strengthened networking through LCS-RNet, researchers will have more opportunities to share their knowledge and to cooperate with each other across the border With the direct link between LCS-RNet and the G8 Environment Ministers Meeting process, researchers will continue efforts to communicate with decision-makers and various stakeholders such as businesses, IGOs, and NGOs, to share social, economic and scientific research findings to help realise low-carbon societies.

Objectives of LCS-RNet

  • Promotion of information exchange and research cooperation that cover various issues relating to lowcarbon societies,
  • Promotion of understanding about LCS through dialogues between researchers and various stakeholders including policy-makers, businesses, citizens and others to share national and sub-national visions on low-carbon societies, and
  • Contribution to international policy-making processes on climate change including G8 process by providing research outcomes and recommendations."