International Energy Agency Technology Roadmap for Wind Energy

From Open Energy Information


"To achieve this ambitious goal, the IEA has undertaken an effort to develop a series of global technology roadmaps covering 19 technologies, under international guidance and in close consultation with industry. These technologies are evenly divided among demand side and supply side technologies. This wind roadmap is one of the initial roadmaps being developed by the IEA. The overall aim is to advance global development and uptake of key technologies to reach a 50% CO2 equivalent emission reduction by 2050 over 2005 levels. The roadmaps will enable governments and industry and financial partners to identify steps needed and implement measures to accelerate required technology development and uptake. This process starts with a clear definition of what constitutes a “roadmap” in the energy context, and the specific elements it should comprise."


  1.  "Technology Roadmap for Wind Energy"