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Global Spotlight

Coordinated Low Emissions Assistance Network (CLEAN)

CLEAN brings together some of the leading international technical institutions assisting developing countries with low GHG assessments and strategies to strengthen methods and delivery of assistance.
Featured Tool

Solar Advisor Model (SAM)

The Solar Advisor Model (SAM) can be used internationally to model a range of solar energy technologies for electricity generation, including PV systems, solar thermal troughs, power towers, and dish-Stirling systems.

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The International Clean Energy Analysis (ICEA) gateway provides international clean energy data and information and seeks to enhance developing country access to related analysis tools, databases, methods and other technical resources in a wiki-based user interactive environment. Click here to learn more about the ICEA gateway. We encourage users of ICEA to add to the inventory of clean energy organizations, tools, programs and data on the site. These resources can be added by clicking on "add" in the box to the right. In addition, the gateway is a platform for web seminars, on-line training, peer networks, and expert assistance which can be accessed below under "Training and Learning Resources".
América Latina, ICEA's sister gateway is currently under development and will provide clean energy data, information and resources relevant to Latin America in Spanish.

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