Integrated Energy Solutions LLC

From Open Energy Information

Integrated Energy Solutions LLC is a company based in Overland Park, Kansas that is focused on renewable energy.

Our primary focus is on algae biomass for coal fired power plants. Our patent-pending Bio-Coal TM algae harvesting system is revolutionary and very cost effective, from a capital cost standpoint as well as an operating cost standpoint.

IES also provides other renewable energy project services, and our focus is on companies and farms that would like to produce products with green energy. To this end, we provide consulting services to develop a cost effective strategy for green energy, taking into account all the options available and optimizing based on location, power/heat load, budget and other factors. We can then provide services to fully develop the renewable energy facilities, whether they would be wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, ethanol or biodiesel.

We have talented project managers and engineers focused on renewable energy and green solutions for our clients.

Call us today to discuss your ideas and goals for renewable energy.


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