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Inovateus Solar is a company located in South Bend, Indiana .

Inovateus Solar is a distributor and integrator of solar electric solutions. Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, Ind. Inovateus Solar has completed 80MW of solar installations in the Midwest and across the United States in 2012. Since 2004, the company has been working closely with the manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry to offer customers full services with cutting edge products. With a vast portfolio of completed projects with Fortune 500 companies, universities, municipalities and utilities, Inovateus Solar plays an active role in the growth of the burgeoning solar energy sector.


The origins of the company trace back to focus on environmental sustainability by founder Tom Kanczuzewski. In a quest to promote the solutions to our country’s energy concerns, Kanczuzewski nurtured many ideas through a business incubator he created in 2003 named “Inovateus”. As many of the ideas and concepts at Inovateus revolved around green building and renewable energy, it became quite apparent that solar was a solution that could be easily implemented with existing structures and during new construction.

In 2006, Kanczuzewski met University of Notre Dame professor, George Howard, Ph.D., who had just finished writing a biography on renewable energy pioneer Stan Ovshinsky titled, “Stan Ovshinsky and Hydrogen Economy, Creating a Better World”. After several meetings with Howard and eventually Stan Ovshinsky, Inovateus became even further involved in the deployment of solar energy. As the photovoltaic (solar electricity) efforts at Inovateus started to blossom into large orders and contracts in the United States and abroad, “Inovateus Solar LLC” became it’s own entity in 2008, with the ability to offer customers a wide variety of solar energy products and services, Inovateus Solar has built a strong portfolio of customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to utilities, universities, municipalities and the federal government. Based in South Bend, Indiana, the Inovateus Solar team continues to grow and educate customers on the many benefits of solar electricity.

Featured Projects

  • Gerresheimer Glass - Vineland, NJ - 2.9MW
  • Kari-Out - Totowa, NJ - 1.29MW [2]
  • Masser Farm Realty - Sacramento, PA - 1.04MW [3]
  • GE Carport - Plainville, CT - 100kW
  • GE Atlanta - Atlanta, GA - 15kW
  • Dayton Power and Light Utility - Dayton, OH - 1.134MW
  • Schneider Test Facility - Smyrna, TN - 1.0MW
  • UPS Lakewood - Lakewood, NJ - 248.6kW
  • Ford Motor Company - Detroit, MI - 500kW
  • Notre Dame Fitzpatrick Hall - Notre Dame, IN - 10.4kW [4]
  • Morningstar Marketplace - Thomasville, PA - 631.6kW
  • Hubert Company - Harrison, OH - 979.2kW
  • Monroe Community College - Monroe, MI - 500kW
  • 50 Hartz Way - Secaucus, NJ - 1.07MW
  • Hartz Mountain 200 Seaview - Secaucus, NJ - 838kW

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