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infoDev is a research institution based in Washington DC.

About Us[edit]

The Information for Development Program (infoDev) supports innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries through its global network of over 300 business incubators in more than 80 countries. This network has assisted over 20,000 SMEs, which have created more than 220,000 jobs, including a number of SMEs in climate-related sectors. For example, infoDev's network has supported the commercialization of a fuel-efficient bread oven in Rwanda, off-grid wind turbines in Mexico, and solar panels in Armenia.

Building on its SME development experience and global network, in 2009, infoDev in partnership with the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID), launched a Climate Technology Program [] to develop a network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that will support the development, deployment and transfer of locally-relevant climate technologies. infoDev, is piloting the establishment of CICs in a number of developing countries based on local needs and priorities, including in India and Kenya. In India, infoDev's work has included a six-month process of stakeholder engagement and market analysis, which will conclude at the end of May 2010 with the delivery of a stakeholder-endorsed business plan for the Center's implementation. In Kenya, similar work is underway, and will conclude in July 2010. infoDev aims to implement each CIC with local partners in countries where strong public and private sector support is present. In coming months, infoDev will also begin CIC feasibility assessments in a number of other developing countries.

In addition to its country-based work, infoDev, in collaboration with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), has commissioned an assessment of CIC good practice globally, which is due in July 2010. This assessment will explore existing Innovation Center models and learn from their experiences to provide insights into the design and operation of CICs.


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