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Industrial Technology Research Institute is a company based in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a non-profit half government funded organization and is one of the top research institutes in Taiwan. From 2005, Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy had initiated a multi-year research on the preliminary assessment of ocean energy potential in Taiwan. In the researches, executed by ITRI, suitable sites for wave energy conversion power plants were pointed out and long-term detailed distribution of potential in suitable sites were estimated numerically and empirically. The efficiency of WEC systems has been analyzed also in the research.

Started from 2008, BOE had issued a three-year project to further evaluate the marine energy potential and conduct preliminary testing in Taiwan and ITRI was again executing the project. For WEC researches, ITRI conducted the environment assessment from wave, wind, current, geology, and environment background data gathering and analysis for the test site. ITRI not only did the WEC devices appraisal and select a best suitable type of device for Taiwan's condition, but also developed a WEC device accordingly. ITRI kept developing the WEC technology under the funding from BOE afterward. In 2011 ITRI successfully deployed a 1 kW WEC device near the coast of the Keelung harbor beside National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). ITRI cooperated with CSBC Corporation is building a 20 kW WEC since 2012 and will deploy the device and conduct a preliminary test in 2013.


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