Indonesia-Bank Danamon DCA Guarantee

From Open Energy Information


"The Indonesia DCA loan guarantee evaluation is the third in a series of about 20 evaluations of Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantees, which are being conducted over a four-year period. The unit of analysis for the individual evaluations is the lender. The evaluations address the guarantees’ performance with respect to lending at three levels – output, outcome, and impact—which are outlined in Figure 1 below. Each individual evaluation addresses the performance of a particular guarantee or set of guarantees. An annual meta-evaluation will synthesize results from the individual evaluations to address questions regarding the overall performance of DCA guarantees. According to an original evaluation framework (i.e., a “generic” evaluation design) developed by EGAT/DC officials and contractor staff in late 2008, each evaluation and the meta-evaluation synthesis are intended to provide EGAT/DC with information to (1) demonstrate and communicate to DCA stakeholders (OMB, Congress, USAID Missions, etc.) the contributions of DCA loan guarantees to the achievement of development results in the countries in which guarantees are provided; (2) contribute to the dialogue about how to engage financial sector institutions as partners in development; (3) strengthen USAID’s application of DCA as a tool for achieving development results, and (4) influence the design of new guarantees. This report, however, focuses solely on the individual Indonesia DCA guarantee, which, as already mentioned, is unique among DCA guarantees."


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