India-REEEP EERE Activities

From Open Energy Information

REEEP activities in India include:

  1. Breaking the risk barrier for institutional investment in clean energy in emerging markets
  2. Carbon financing for energy efficiency in Indian SME clusters
  3. Clean energy supply chain in villages of Karnataka, India
  4. Creating scalable financing models for sustainable energy services via microfinance institutions
  5. Design and Establish a Risk Mitigation Mechanism in India
  6. Development of a business plan for rural electricity generation (DG) system based on biomass
  7. Energy efficiency technology transformation in metal casting in Southern India
  8. Energy policies and regulations for the built environment in Bangalore, India
  9. Financing for Bundled Small-scale Rural Renewable Ventures in India
  10. Fuel barter model for biomass power generation in India
  11. Identifying corporate best practice in clean energy in emerging economies
  12. Millennium Development Goal Financing Facility (MDGFF) ? Participatory Business Planning
  13. Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency through the regulatory process in India
  14. Removal of barriers in mainstreaming the biomass gasifier systems for thermal applications in India
  15. Replicating innovative financing to link energy services and income generation
  16. Scale-up of Gold Standard expertise in emerging markets
  17. Scaling up a proven mechanism to implement energy efficiency street lighting projects in India
  18. Technical Support to Energy Efficiency standards and labeling in India
  19. Using the Tamil Nadu Municipal EE Programme to create a replicable financing model.
  20. Women's Energy Justice Network - CDM and microfinancing


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