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Are you a Federal Department, State, State Energy Office, State Department, County, County Department, City, City Department?

Do you offer incentives that promote: Economic Development, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Electric Vehicles & Charge Station, Transitioning Fleets, Clean Energy, Clean Transportation, Equity & Equality in Design & Development, Affordable Housing Development, Weatherization, or any other types of incentives that promote going green?

If you answered yes to above then you should use our Incentive Intake Tool. This Tool is FREE to governments (at all levels). Our Incentive Intake allows your department, organization, agency, etc., to add your incentives to our online database. There is no limit to the number of incentives your department, organization, agency, etc., can add.

Our database is cloud-based, and is FREE to SEARCH by people nationwide. Our database is used by Real Estate Developers, Architects, Engineers, Planners, Property Managers, Lenders, Facility Managers, Homeowners, and Home Builders. They SEARCH our online database to identify incentives to go green their Residential, Commercial, or Public Building projects. Projects are new construction as well as exiting building retrofits or upgrades.

Adding an incentive to our database is easy and it’s free. Just visit our website ( and click “Add Incentive”. Please note if you have not registered with us before, our database will require you to quickly register. Registering keeps your organization’s information safe, organized, and ensures a more quality experience for those utilizing your incentive.

After Registering, you will be asked to fill-out a quick, online survey about your incentive. Submitting a survey adds your incentive to our database, and doing so ensures that your incentive is promoted to the right target markets.