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Web based HVAC EMS for Internet connected thermostats, focusing on energy efficiency, including Auto Demand Response capabilities.

Harnessing Data & Technology To Derive HVAC Efficiency


InThrMa's HVAC Energy Management Suite (EMS) allows users to manage and optimize their HVAC systems from any web browser or mobile phone. The InThrMa EMS provides various tools for programming, monitoring and optimizing HVAC settings and in doing so helps organizations reduce their utility bills and equipment maintenance costs.

Ideal for...

  • Light commercial sites (under served by off the self products & Building Mgmt System are far too expensive)
  • Any site handling temperature controlled inventory (food, pharma, documents, etc) Remote sensors can be used for monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Remote properties: Vacation condo, warehouse, etc
  • Landlords
  • Residential
  • Occasional use/Religious buildings: large, spacious buildings; any ‘walk-by’ thermostat changes can be in place for several days, wasting energy before being discovered


  • Centralized dashboard for all thermostats
  • Alerting on any conditions
  • Web-based thermostat scheduling
  • Mobile access (iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Data analysis features (data and graphs)
  • Provisioning and backup
  • Custom reporting
  • Auto Demand Response
  • Multi-user feature
  • File upload for quick access to system docs, notes, materials
  • White-label ready for re-sellers

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