InSAR At Redfield Campus Area (Oppliger, Et Al., 2008)

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Exploration Activity: InSAR At Redfield Campus Area (Oppliger, Et Al., 2008)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Redfield Campus Area
Exploration Technique InSAR
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Along with the GIS, an InSAR deformation study was conducted from a suite of previously created interferograms from 1993-2005. Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Repeat Orbit Interferometry processing software Package (ROI_PAC) was used in the formation of approximately 35 interferograms considered for use in this study. All InSAR pairs were systematically screened to determine those suitable for further processing based on signal-to-noise and data integrity around the Redfield campus and Steamboat areas. Additionally, the four InSAR pairs were evaluated in the context of known pumping and injection records, groundwater flow directions, fault locations, and water quality variations with time. Through the 12 year period, the geothermal field pattern remains clearly apparent but variable in its detail.


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