Image Database Of Geothermal Drill Core Samples

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Conference Paper: Image Database Of Geothermal Drill Core Samples

Drill core samples of 26.6 km in total length, are reserved in the depository of Geological Survey of Japan. The inventory of these core samples was published with index tables as an openfile report of Geological Survey of Japan in 1995. However, all of these core samples cannot be preserved forever. Core image database is the best way to preserve these images forever and open them widely to the people who are interested in subsurface geology. Therefore, the image database of drill core samples is planned and is now under construction. The camera-type high definition scanner system (CTHDSS) was introduced to digitize the images of core samples. The system provides very high resolution as much as maximum shooting resolution with 20 million pixels, then, detail images can be preserved as digital image. The computer search systems for core image files are designed in three different ways. The first is the search system by surveyed area name, the second by clickable index maps and the third by keywords of survey areas and position of depository. The database is temporarily uploaded on the website: e core image database will be combined with the borehole-logging database and geothermal resources database to be a uniformed geothermal database in near future.

Shiro Tamanyu, Keiichi Sakaguchi and Yasuaki Murata

GRC, 2002

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Shiro Tamanyu,Keiichi Sakaguchi,Yasuaki Murata. 2002. Image Database Of Geothermal Drill Core Samples. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)