Sustainable Transport Illustrative Scenarios Tool

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The SULTAN (SUstainabLe TrANsport) Illustrative Scenarios Tool has been developed as a high-level calculator (not an in-depth model) to help provide indicative estimates of the possible impacts of policy on transport in the EU (primarily energy use and GHG emissions, also costs, energy security, NOx and PM emissions). The purpose of the tool is to allow the quick scoping of a wide range of transport policy options to help get a feel for what scale of action might be required and will also be used as part of the analysis for the final written technical outputs of the project.

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This tool is included in the Transportation Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.

When to Use This Tool

While building a low emission strategy for your country's transportation system, this tool is most useful during these key phases of the process:

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How to Use This Tool

This tool is most helpful when using these strategies:

  • Shift - Change to low-carbon modes
  • Improve - Enhance infrastructure & policies

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