Illinois' 6th congressional district: Energy Resources

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This page represents a congressional district in Illinois.

Registered Networking Organizations in Illinois' 6th congressional district

  1. Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
  2. MHUB
  3. UI LABS

Registered Energy Companies in Illinois' 6th congressional district

  1. Acciona Wind Energy USA LLC
  2. Aerotecture International Inc
  3. American Bar Association Section on Environment
  4. American Science and Technology Corporation AST
  5. Boeing Co
  6. CECO Abatement Systems Inc
  7. Carbon Green BioEnergy LLC
  8. Carbon Opportunity Group
  9. Carbon Solutions Group
  10. Centre for Neighbourhood Technology
  11. Chicago Climate Exchange CCX
  12. Chromatin Inc
  13. Clean Energy Trust
  14. Digilog Global Environmental LLC
  15. DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol
  16. E ON Climate Renewables North America formerly Airtricity USA
  17. Environmental Financial Group
  18. Environmental Law and Policy Center
  19. Exelon
  20. Exelon Enterprises Company LLC
  21. Gas Technology Institute (Partnership for Advanced Residential Retrofit)
  22. Greenlight Investment Group
  23. INEOS Bio
  24. Illinois Coalition
  25. Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund i A
  26. Illinois Wind Energy
  27. Intelligent Generation
  28. Invenergy Wind LLC
  29. Lakeside Energy
  30. Lime Energy formerly Electric City Corporation
  31. Lincoln Renewable Energy LLC
  32. Lucas Group
  33. M1 Energy
  34. MAKE Consulting
  35. MHUB
  36. Midwest Wind Energy LLC
  37. Molex Incorporated
  38. NARI
  39. National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  40. NuVant Systems
  41. PNE Wind USA Inc
  42. Primary Energy Ventures
  43. Recaptured Energy Technologies LLC
  44. Recycled Energy Development
  45. Revolution Environmental
  46. Ricedairy
  47. SoCore Energy
  48. SunSource Technology Services Inc
  49. Suzlon Wind Energy Corp
  50. Swan Biomass Co.
  51. Tetravitae Bioscience Inc
  52. UI LABS
  53. UPC Solar Managment LLC
  54. US Wind Farming Inc
  55. University of Illinois Chicago UIC
  56. Utilization Technology Institute
  57. Varon Lighting Group LLC
  58. Vestas USA
  59. Virgin Bioverda LLC VBV
  60. Wanxiang America Corporation
  61. Westside Holdings
  62. Zenergy International Inc

Registered Financial Organizations in Illinois' 6th congressional district

  1. First Analysis Securities Corporation
  2. Gaebler Ventures LLC

Utility Companies in Illinois' 6th congressional district

  1. Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois
  2. City of Naperville, Illinois (Utility Company)