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The Idaho Water Resource Board was created by the Idaho Legislature in 1965 following the passage of a constitutional amendment which established the Board. There are eight members of the Idaho Water Resource Board, appointed by the governor, who serve four-year terms. The Board is the agency described in Idaho's constitution to formulate and implement a state water plan. The Board initially was created as a separate agency with its own staff. In 1974, the Board and the existing Department of Water Administration were combined to form the present Idaho Department of Water Resources.

There are specifically mandated Board functions and responsibilities within IDWR. The Planning and Technical Services Division of IDWR provides administration and staff support to the Board. The Board and IDWR are also interrelated in areas such as court appeals, administrative rules adoption, water bank administration, and water right negotiations with the Federal government and Indian Tribes. Meetings and minutes of the Idaho Water Resource Board are available.

Board programs are divided into three general categories: financial programs, minimum stream-flows, and comprehensive state water planning. IDWR also functions through various regional offices in the state. Contact information for each region can be found at the following webpage:

IDWR Regional Office Contact Information

Idaho Department of Water Resources is an organization based in Boise, Idaho: Energy Resources.


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