I D A E Instituto para la Diversificacion y Ahorro de la Energia

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The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE, is a public business body ascribed to the State Secretariat for Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which it depends organically on. The achievement of the objectives established by the planning actions relating to saving and energy efficiency and to renewable energies make up the strategic framework of its activity. Thus, apart from coordinating and jointly manage the measures and funds devoted to the said planning actions, IDAE carries out actions of dissemination and technical counselling, as well as project financing for technological innovation and or a replicable kind. The Institute also develops an intense international activity, within the framework of the various European programmes, as well as cooperation projects with third countries. The implementation of training and awareness campaigns and the drafting of dissemination contents oriented to building a social culture of energy, bearing in mind the value of resources and the need of consuming them in an intelligent way, also account for one of our engagements. In a nutshell, IDAE's action is oriented towards the achievement of a new energy model that should guarantee the quality and security of supply and enhance the competitiveness of Spanish firms on the basis of sustainability.

I D A E (Instituto para la Diversificacion y Ahorro de la Energia) is a company located in Madrid, Spain .


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