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Hydropower Research: Universities

In addition to the university research presented below, the hydro STEM portal also hosts research conducted through the Hydropower Foundation's Research Awards Program , which was designed to stimulate new student research and academic interest in research and careers in conventional or pumped storage hydropower, and student capstone projects . Click in the header cells below to sort the table columns.

Title Author University Link to File
A Web-Based Decision Support System for Smart Dam Operations Using Weather Forecasts Shahryar Khalique Ahmad, Faisal Hossain University of Washington-Seattle Link
Alternative Energy Solutions: Hydro-Electric and Tidal Energy Neslihan Yildirim American University Link
A Generic Data-Driven Technique for Forecasting of Reservoir Inflow: Application for Hydropower Maximization Shahryar Khalique Ahmad, Faisal Hossain University of Washington-Seattle Link
Hydropower's Hidden Transformation of Rivers in the Mekong Matthew Bonnema1, Faisal Hossain, Bart Nijssen1, Gordon Holtgrieve University of Washington-Seattle Link
Hydro‐Weir: A Technology for Low‐Head Hydropower Generation, Project Final Report Nadipuram Prasad, Juan Gonzalez New Mexico State University Link
Hydroelectric Power Generator for Small Vessels and Remote Stations Located Near Water Anthony Chesna, Tony DiBella, Tim Hutchins, Saralyn Kropf, Jeff Lesica, Jim Mahoney Northeastern University Link
Small Hydropower, Big Potential: Considerations for Responsible Global Development Gina Warren University of Houston Law Center Link
Realizing Ecosystem-Safe Hydropower from Dams Shahryar Khalique Ahmad, Faisal Hossain University of Washington Link
Maximizing Energy Production from Hydropower Dams Using Short-Term Weather Forecasts Shahryar Khalique Ahmad, Faisal Hossain University of Washington Link
Understanding Reservoir Operating Rules in the Transboundary Nile River Basin Using Macroscale Hydrologic Modeling with Satellite Measurements Hisham Eldardiry, Faisal Hossain University of Washington Link
Forecast-Informed Hydropower Optimization at Long and Short-Time Scales for a Multiple Dam Network Shahryar Khalique Ahmad, Faisal Hossain University of Washington Link
Energy Use, Migration Times, and Spawning Success of Adult Spring-Summer Chinook Salmon Returning to Spawning Areas in the South Fork Salmon River in Central Idaho Ryan D. Mann, Christopher A. Peery, Amy M. Pinson, Christopher R. Anderson University of Idaho Link
New Online Tool Teaches Students About the Energy-Water Nexus Emad Habib, Hisham Eldardiry, Vincent C. Tidwell University of Louisiana at Lafayette Link
Assessing the Potential of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission for Reservoir Monitoring in the Mekong River Basin Matthew Bonnema, Faisal Hossain University of Washington Link
A Channel Network Model for Sediment Dynamics Over Watershed Management Time Scales Claire Beveridge, Erkan Istanbulluoglu, Christina Bandaragoda, Allison M. Pfeiffer University of Washington, Western Washington University Link
Technology Transfer in the Hydropower Industry: An Analysis of Chinese Dam Developers’ Undertakings in Europe and Latin America Julian Kirchherr, Nathanial Matthews Utrecht University, University of Oxford, King's College London Link

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