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Houston is a city in Fort Bend County and Harris County and Montgomery County, Texas.

Houston is located in Texas's 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 18th, 22nd, and 29th congressional districts.[1][2]

Registered Research Institutions in Houston, Texas

  1. Institute for Energy Research
  2. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

Registered Energy Companies in Houston, Texas

  1. Air and Liquid Advisors ALA
  2. American Electric Technologies Inc
  3. American Photovoltaics
  4. American Photovoltaics LP
  5. Arctas Capital Group
  6. Aspen Pipeline
  7. Atlas Ocean Systems
  8. BP Wind
  9. Baryonyx Corporation
  10. Betabatt Inc
  11. C-Voltaics
  12. CAES Development Company LLC
  13. Cavallo Energy
  14. Cinco Renewable Energy Services
  15. Cogeneration Technologies
  16. ConocoPhillips Ltd
  17. Conservation Capital LLC
  18. DFJ Mercury
  19. DKRW Advanced Fuels LLC
  20. Direct Energy Inc.
  21. Dresser-Rand
  22. EDP Renewables North America
  23. EQUUS Total Return Inc
  24. EcoGeneration Solutions LLC
  25. Ecowatt Design LLC
  26. Element Markets LLC
  27. Elster
  28. EnLink Geoenergy Services Inc
  29. Endicott Biofuels II LLC
  30. Enernoc (Texas)
  31. Enron Wind Corporation
  32. Entrepreneurs for Energy Efficiency Inc
  33. Floating Windfarms Corporation
  34. Free Green Energy LLC
  35. Fulcrum Power Services LP
  36. Galveston Bay Biodiesel LP GBB
  37. GeoGreen Fuels LLC
  38. Gexa Energy
  39. Global Magma Energy Group
  40. Global Warming Solutions Inc previously Southern Investments Inc
  41. Glycos Biotechnologies
  42. Green Earth Fuels
  43. Green Habits
  44. Green River Biodiesel Incorporated
  45. Green Star Energy LLC
  46. Gulf Alternative Energy Corporation
  47. Gulf Ethanol Corp
  48. Gulf Hydrocarbon Inc
  49. Hines
  50. Horizon Wind Energy
  51. Horizon Wind Energy formerly Zilkha Renewable Energy
  52. Hydro Green Energy
  53. Iberdrola Renewables (Texas)
  54. John Wheble Associates Ltd
  55. Lone Star Wind Alliance LSWA
  56. MacDonald Systems Inc
  57. Marine Energy Corporation
  58. MaxWest Environmental Systems
  59. Minerco Resources Inc
  60. Mobius Risk Group LLC
  61. Montgomery Energy
  62. Offshore Islands Ltd
  63. Organic fuels
  64. Power Technology Inc
  65. Power Tube Inc
  66. RRI Energy Inc formerly known as Reliant Energy Inc
  67. Red River Biodiesel Ltd
  68. Reliant Energy
  69. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship
  70. Ridge Energy Storage and Grid Services LP
  71. Simbol Mining Corp
  72. Smart Office Energy Solutions
  73. Standard Renewable Energy
  74. Standard Renewable Energy SRE
  75. Superior Renewable Energy LLC
  76. Swell Fuel
  77. Synagro Technologies Inc
  78. TRC Advanced Technologies Inc
  79. Terrabon LLC
  80. Terrawatt Corporation
  81. Tessera Solar (Texas)
  82. The Global Carbon Bank
  83. Third Planet Windpower (Texas)
  84. Universal GeoPower
  85. Vertex Energy
  86. Wind Energy Systems Technology LLC
  87. Wood Fuel LP
  88. Wood3 Resources
  89. Zilkha Biomass Energy LLC

Registered Financial Organizations in Houston, Texas

  1. Genesis Park
  2. Haddington Ventures LLC
  3. Vert Investment Group
  4. Yellowstone Capital


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