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Honest Buildings is a software platform focused on buildings. It brings together building service providers, occupants, owners, and other stakeholders onto a single portal to exchange information, offerings, and needs. It provides a voice for everyone who occupies buildings, works with buildings, and owns buildings globally to comment, display projects, and solicit business with the macro goal of creating a more sustainable environment.


Honest Buildings has created a profile for any building in the world with an address. This platform is the first place that connects occupants, service providers and owners to each other and the buildings where they live, work and spend their time. Type in an address, and the free service instantly finds information about any commercial or residential building in the U.S., including pictures, reviews, Honesty Ratings(TM), open and completed projects, and the people associated with that building, including service providers, managers and owners.

Anyone can use Honest Buildings to compare buildings based on size, location, type, Honesty Ratings, associated organizations, and the types of projects that have been completed, helping them to make better-informed decisions about real estate.

Projects can range from a new bathroom renovation to obtaining LEED certification for a new real estate development, and everything in between. During its private beta, Honest Buildings has already amassed over 50,000 projects representing over 10 billion square feet of buildings.

Building service providers, vendors, non-profits, trade associations and other organizations can create profiles to showcase their portfolio of projects, highlight their accomplishments, and network with colleagues and prospective clients. These projects are also connected to the building profiles where they were completed, increasing an organization’s exposure and driving new business.

Real estate firms, municipalities, universities, individual owners and their various management companies can research and connect with the best service providers for their projects, and streamline the process for distributing requests for proposals and receiving bids. In addition, owners can claim their buildings to update information, add new renovations and amenities, highlight unique building attributes, and increase exposure and interest for their properties.


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