Honduras-Program for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP)

From Open Energy Information


"The Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program for Low Income Countries (SREP) is a program under the Strategic Climate Fund (a multi-donor Trust Fund within the Climate Investment Funds). Its overall objective, which is under development, is to support investments in a small number of low income countries for energy efficiency, renewable energy and access to modern sustainable energy.

The SREP stimulates economic growth through the scaled-up development of renewable energy solutions and, it acts as a catalyst for the transformation of the renewables market by obtaining government support for market creation, private sector implementation, and productive energy use.

Recognizing the significant role the private sector has in promoting renewable energy, SREP promotes both public and private sector actions to remove barriers that might otherwise inhibit scaled-up private sector investments.

SREP is country-led and builds on national policies and the activities of other existing energy initiatives. It operates in a small number of low-income countries to maximize its impact and demonstrative effect."


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