Home Energy Yardstick

From Open Energy Information

If you have 5 minutes and your energy bills are handy, you can find out how your home's energy use measures up.

Assess your home

Getting a handle on your home's energy use is an important first step to improving efficiency. You can do a simple assessment yourself using our on-line tools, or have a professional energy auditor perform a more thorough audit. Then, use ENERGY STAR resources to get guidance on home improvement projects to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and increase comfort.

Get Started

If you have five minutes and your last 12 months of utility bills, use the Home Energy Yardstick to compare your home's energy use to similar homes across the country and see how your home measures up. Then, use the Home Energy Advisor to get recommendations for energy-saving home improvements for typical homes in your area.

What's Needed
  • Your energy use and costs for the last year: You'll need your last 12 months of utility bills OR a 12-month summary statement from your utility company.
  • Energy sources for your home: natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, propane, coal, wood and/or kerosene?
  • The square footage of your home.


  1.  "Home Energy Yardstick"