Home Energy Saver

From Open Energy Information

Quickly compute a home's energy use for all end uses, including heating, cooling, water heating, appliances, and lighting; get recommended energy-saving upgrades; estimates a home's carbon footprint.

The Home Energy Saver web site (HES, http://HomeEnergySaver.lbl.gov) is an interactive do-it-yourself home energy assessment tool, combined with extensive decision-support content. Its aims are support national initiatives to increase consumer interest in energy efficiency and to foster market activities that capture those opportunities. The site is developed and maintained by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with sponsorship from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and others. HES supports the federal energy mission by helping to build national recognition of the ENERGY STAR brand and other federal programs, and by enabling consumers to quantify the associated energy savings and environmental benefits. The site is also used periodically by students and researchers as a tool for analyzing residential energy performance issues, and for learning from actual homeowners about their experiences with implementing energy-saving upgrades.


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