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Rider Rate Schedule

I have a Rider Rate Schedule. How should I enter the information?

If there is a Rider that is applicable to all members of one or more rate classes without condition and the Rider has a finite value, then that value should be entered as an Adjustment or as a component of the Fixed Monthly Charge as appropriate.


How do I enter a credit?

Credits are entered as negative values.


Do I have to enter taxes in the adjustments?

No, please exclude taxes which have similar meaning to the sales tax (i.e local or state taxes). However, a surcharge or additional fee (renewable energy tax, etc) should be added into appropriate fields.


How do I enter different types of adjustments?

An adjustment can be: fuel adjustments, riders, and any other additional fees that will be added to the energy charge. Flat rate adjustments usually are additional flat rate that additive to the energy charges and also can be in the form of tiered rates or time of use rates. Therefore enter the adjustments to appropriate fields based on the information that you have.

Renewable Energy - Adjustment
Tiered Rate Adjustment



How do I define a sector?

  • If there is a rate named General Service and it is applicable to commercial and industrial customers, then create the rate twice and designate one commercial (and the other industrial).
  • If there is no sector designation in the tariff and the rate has a demand charge, then designate it as industrial.
  • Also if there is no sector and no demand charge then designate as commercial --- ask if it looks like residential.



How do I identify the types of charges?

Every charge has a specific definition but utilities may give different name to it. Here are the examples:

  • Fixed Monthly Charge ($) = Customer Charge = Basic Service Charge
  • Flat Rate Buy ($/kWh) = Energy Charge = Delivery Charge = Basic Facilities Charge
  • Demand Charge ($/kW)= Demand Facility Charge=Delivery Charge

A simple way to identify a particular charge is based on its unit.

  • Fixed Charge is in $
  • Flat Rate is in $/kWh
  • Demand Charge is in $/kW


Incomplete Information

Information is incomplete. What should I do?

You find the email address and contact the utility provider. We have a special team to contact utility providers, please mention the information that is unavailable.



REPS charges can be classified as additional fees:

  • enter the charges either as adjustments or add them to Fixed Monthly Charge (based on available information). See also Adjustment section in the FAQs.
REPS Rates