Help:Utility Rate Data Entry/Fixed Monthly Charge

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Summer and Winter Charges

How do I enter fixed monthly charges when the summer charges are different from the winter chargers?

Fixed Monthly Charge = Average of (Summer Charge+Winter Charge)

The current database does not have specific fields for different fixed monthly charges (i.e. Summer and Winter Charges). As of now, the best way we can do is take the monthly average charge of those charges.

Record the formula in the description.

Minimum Charges

What do I do with "minimum charges"?

Specify in the Description. The current Database does not have a facility to accommodate "Minimum Charges".

One Time Payment

What do I do with a "one time payment"?

You may also find a "one time payment" case (rates are charged once in a year or in 3 months) instead of the common monthly payment. However this case may be a "case by case" basis (we may have solution).

Record this case in the description.

One Time Payment‎