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OpenEI is part wiki and part data catalog, the site contains thousands of different pages and datasets, so utilizing the search feature is beneficial when you're looking for something specific.

Searching for information on the wiki

The quickest way to find information on OpenEI is to look it up directly!

In the top navigation bar of your screen there is a magnifying glass icon that will help you search for content and items on OpenEI. OpenEI Search Icon.png

Hover over this icon and an input field will appear, type in your search term(s) and click enter or the icon to search for your inputs.

OpenEI Search.png

OpenEI Search term.png

You may also simply click the magnifying glass icon to navigate to the search page.

Search Results

If you entered search terms in the input field, your browser window will navigate to the OpenEI Search page and display results matching your search terms.

If you navigated directly to the OpenEI Search page without entering search terms, you'll see a list of default results.

OpenEI search results.png

Search Options

  • You may enter new or additional search terms into the input box toward the top of the screen, and click the Search button to update results.
  • There are also search facets that may be used to filter results. These are found on the left side of the screen, you'll see sections such as OpenEI Areas, Sectors and Keywords. You may click the values found below each section to narrow the search results to only those found associated with each of these facets.
  • Clicking a search facet will add a tag just above the search results, indicating that this facet has been activated. The facet will also be highlighted in the left selection pane. You may add multiple search facets to continue narrowing results. To remove facets, just click the x found in either the tag or highlighted term on the left to remove them individually, or use the Clear All button to start over.
  • You may use both the search facets and search term input to further refine or narrow desired results.

OpenEI search facets.png

  • You may also order the results by Relevance or Most Recent.

OpenEI Search order results.png

Each result contains a title along with a brief text block that indicates where your search term was found in the content. When you find something interesting, just click the title to link to that OpenEI article.

Searching for data

The primary search on OpenEI may also yield results from the data catalog. While these results are part of OpenEI, they aren't part of the wiki. Clicking on these results may navigate you to the entry in the data catalog, or it may simply download the data file.

There search facets on the left (OpenEI Areas) that allow you to only show datasets or to exclude datasets. If a dataset is part of the results, you'll see a facet related to the data catalog that the result belongs to. For instance, OpenEI Datasets or DOE OpenData. Clicking either of these facets will then update the results to only display datasets from that catalog.

To exclude datasets, use the facet in OpenEI Areas titled OpenEI Wiki. This will only show wiki articles and content that match your search criteria, and won't show results from data catalogs.

Searching the OpenEI Data Catalog

Earlier we mentioned that OpenEI is part wiki and part data catalog. If you're only interested in data, you may want to simply go to the catalog to explore or search.

There are several data catalogs that comprise OpenEI, so the first step is to click the Data tab in the top level navigation and then read through the page to see what catalogs and options there are.

For this example, let's focus on the OpenEI Data Catalog.

You'll probably notice that the structure of the page is similar to the primary OpenEI search; there is a left side bar containing facets, a search field, and options for sorting results. Use the search field input to add keywords or terms, use the facets on the left to further filter the results.

OpenEI Data Catalog screen capture.png