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Ask Queries are used to pull results from semantic wiki content and can be displayed in a variety of formats. This page lists examples of the more common formats with the code used to generate them and when applicable, links to eternal help documents describing the options available for each format.

When writing an ask query, one specifies the format with |format=. The examples below contain the ask query code used to generate them, including the format declaration.


[[ProgramTopics::Resource assessment]] 

format = ul

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Google Pie Charts

{{#ask:[[Category:Geothermal Project Types]] 

format = google-piechart

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 |?Document type
 |outlineproperties=Document type
 |sort=Document type

format = outline

An Outline is more or less an organized ul.


{{#ask: [[EndDate::+]] 

format = calendar

The {{calendarstartdate}} and {{calendarenddate}} parser functions will limit the search results to the portion of the calendar visible to the user, improving performance.

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You need to have JavaScript enabled to view the interactive timeline. Further results for this query.
|? Event/Date

format = timeline

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... further results
<div style="border:1px solid #AAAAAA; 
height:200px; overflow:auto;margin:0 auto;">
{{#ask: [[Category:Map_Files]] 

format = gallery

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Google Map

Loading map...
{{#ask:[[Category:Energy Generation Facilities]][[Sector::Wind energy]]

format = googlemaps2

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Programs & Projects by Country
|?NumberOfPrograms=Programs & Projects

format = geochart

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OpenEI custom parameters
  • target=Target page that state or country will be added (eg. target=/Incentives ) Example: Map of Incentives in the United States
  • targetpos=Position to add state to the target page (before or after page name). (eg. target=pre). Checks for pre, defaults to post.
  • valueformat=Format for the displayed value (eg. $%s )