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Energy Hackathon Resources (Data, APIs, Examples) for Cleanweb Hacks and Energy Mashups

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Energy datasets

OpenEI now federates datasets from a variety of resources. Check out its live energy datasets search.

Hackathon API and dataset resources

Open data from Vehicles

The Department of Energy has recently released new data that represents what most people can access directly from their own cars (if they had the right tools). As cars become more like laptops, this type of data will become increasingly valuable to drivers as they seek to improve their fuel efficiency and increase vehicle safety.

  • What is OpenXC data?
    • Raw data in the form of single-vehicle trace files, available as either a single valued message or event message. See the Data
  • How do I connect to OpenXC data?
  • OSIsoft OpenXC PI System Interface
    • OSIsoft offers the PI System for management of real-time data and events.
    • The PI System allows users to collect, historize, find, analyze, deliver and visualize real-time data.
    • OSIsoft vCampus
      • The OSIsoft Virtual Campus (vCampus) is a subscription-based, online offering that provides developers with resources for developing applications/solutions on the PI System.
      • Members get access to a Development PI System with access to features such as server components, client components, data and asset management, web services and SDKs.
      • The OSIsoft vCampus also includes a discussion forum, a library with documentation and whitepapers, code samples and monthly webinars.
      • OSIsoft vCampus FAQ
    • Getting vehicle data with the PI System

Scientific Data resources

Read about the data science toolkit, a "collection of the best open data sets and open-source tools for data science, wrapped in an easy-to-use REST/JSON API with command line, Python and Javascript interfaces."


Building-specific ideas

Solar-specific Resources

  • The Open PV Project features crowd-sourced location, size and cost data for over 179,000 solar installs. The API follows an easy action based restful interface.
  • Solar Tools with API's from NREL, including:
    • PVDAQ a public interface to some of the PV performance data contributed to NREL
    • PVWAtts service that estimates the performance of hypothetical residential and small commercial PV installations
    • Solar DNI layer from NREL's Solar Prospector.

Apps for Energy Examples