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Visit Form:Tool or Form:Program to upload a tool or program.

Enter title and click submit.

Note: When naming a tool or program, it is best practice to include the organization's acronym that created the tool. (e.g., NREL-Sample Tool)
Note: If you are adding a program that is country specific, it is best to include that country in the title.(e.g.,Ghana-Sample Program on Clean Energy)
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Populating the Tool or Program Form

Note: Hold control to select multiple tags.
Note: Tagging tools and programs correctly is important to being able to effectively query them. (e.g., If a resource assessment map is not tagged as resource assessment, it will not show up in a resource assessment query.)


  • The name of the tool/program will auto-populate in this field based on the page name.


  • The abstract field provides a short synopsis on the tool/program.


  • The name of the developer of the tool/program.
    Note: This field needs to be filled out to match the spelling of the developer's OpenEI page (e.g., National Renewable Energy Laboratory matches the OpenEI page, however, National Renewable Energy Lab does not.)
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NREL bluelink.JPG
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  • If the tool is available at a cost, or if it is available to the public for free.


  • The partner institutions that may have helped develop a tool or implement a program.


  • Tag depending on whether or not the tool/program is focused on the energy, land, water or climate sectors.

Focus Area

  • The specific area the program/tool focuses on.


  • The topics that the tool or program deals with.

Resource Type

  • The type of resource that the tool is.

User Interface

  • The means which the tool interfaces with the user.


  • The url that links to the tool or the program webpage.


  • Use the print screen key to take and upload a screenshot.

Geographical Focus

  • The scale that the tool or program is most applicable to.

UN Region

  • The UN region that corresponds to the country-focus.


  • The country in which the tool or program focuses on.
    Note: Comma-separate multiple countries (e.g., Canada, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan).
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Tool User


  • All tools and programs must have references. References mostly include website links. Make sure that a user can trace the references to the source of the information.

Article Text

  • Free text. The article text usually provides a brief overview of what the tool or program covers.

Show Preview/Save Page

Prior to saving your page, be sure to preview to ensure that everything correctly reflects how you entered it.
Note: Not all tags will show up on the preview page, they will appear on the final save.