Heat Flow In Northern Thailand

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Journal Article: Heat Flow In Northern Thailand

One hundred and two geothermal gradients have been obtained from water wells and mineral and oil prospecting holes in northern and northeastern Thailand. The geothermal gradients vary in the broad range of 8-95 mK/m. Two hundred and sixty-one rock samples and two hundred and nine rock-core samples of various types and formations were collected for the thermal conductivity measurement. A Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter (QTM) was used for the measurements both in wet and dry states: the latter values represent the in-situ condition and, therefore, were used for the heat flow determinations. Heat flow values have been obtained by the multiplication of the geothermal gradients and the thermal conductivity values of rocks which represented the lithology. The heat flow values obtained ranged in a broad interval of 17-320 mW/m2. Using all stations as check points a simple heat flow density pattern for northern Thailand was proposed, which clearly shows four regions with high heat-flow (over 100 mW/m2): the Fang oil fields, the San Kamphaeng geothermal area, Mae Sot and the western margin of Khorat plateau (Phetchabun province).

Amnuaychai Thienprasert and Manop Raksaskulwong

Published Journal 
Tectonophysics, 1984



Amnuaychai Thienprasert,Manop Raksaskulwong. 1984. Heat Flow In Northern Thailand. Tectonophysics. (!) .