Haynes Tow Tank

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Basic Specifications
Facility Name Haynes Tow Tank
Overseeing Organization Texas A&M (Haynes)
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Tow Tank
Length(m) 45.7
Beam(m) 3.7
Depth(m) 3.0
Water Type Freshwater
Cost(per day) $150/hour (excluding labor)
Special Physical Features The tank includes a 7.6m by 3.7m by 1.5m deep sediment pit.
Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities Yes
Maximum Velocity(m/s) 1.8
Length of Effective Tow(m) 24.4
Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities None

Channel/Tunnel/Flume None

Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities None

Control and Data Acquisition
Description National Instruments LabView
Number of channels 40
Cameras Yes
Number of Color Cameras 6
Description of Camera Types 3 video; 3 digital
Available Sensors Acceleration, Displacement, Flow, Turbulence, Velocity
Data Generation Capability
Real-Time Yes
Integrated Display/Graphics National Instruments LabView
Test Services
Test Services Yes
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Fabrication services done by open ended work order
Past Pertinent Test Experience Low speed in-stream turbines, breakwaters, VIV, scour, dredging
Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics Yes
Types of Co-located facilities Offshore Technology Research Center

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