Hawaii Geothermal Region

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Geothermal Region Data
State(s) Hawaii
Area 28,311 km²
28,311,000,000 m²
10,928.046 mi²
304,736,772,900 ft²
33,859,956,000 yd²
6,995,789.655 acres
USGS Resource Estimate for this Region
Identified Mean Potential 181 MW
181,000 kW
181,000,000 W
181,000,000,000 mW
0.181 GW
1.81e-4 TW
Undiscovered Mean Potential 2,435 MW
2,435,000 kW
2,435,000,000 W
2,435,000,000,000 mW
2.435 GW
0.00244 TW
Planned Capacity
Planned Capacity 50 MW
50,000 kW
50,000,000 W
50,000,000,000 mW
0.05 GW
5.0e-5 TW
Plants Included
in Planned Estimate
Plants with Unknown
Planned Capacity

Energy Generation Facilities within the Hawaii Geothermal Region

Geothermal Power Projects within the Hawaii Geothermal Region

Geothermal Development Projects in the Region(per GEA's Annual U.S. Geothermal Power Production and Development Report (April 2011))

Geothermal Exploration Techniques used within the Hawaii Geothermal Region