Ground Gravity Survey At Truckhaven Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2004)

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Exploration Activity: Ground Gravity Survey At Truckhaven Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2004)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Truckhaven Area
Exploration Technique Ground Gravity Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

The Truckhaven project, which is located on the west flank of the Salton Trough in southern California, is north and west of several existing geothermal power generation facilities in the trough. An extensive shallow geothermal anomaly is known to exist in this area and this region corresponds to a gravity high, which has been further delineated by the drilling of numerous shallow temperature gradient wells and one deep, abandoned, test well. Layman Energy Associates has performed Phase I exploration tasks to further constrain the anomaly, including a detailed gravity survey and a combined magnetotelluric and time-domain electromagnetic survey. These results have been integrated with remote sensing imagery and existing exploration data and several potential test-well sites have been identified. Drilling of the well will likely occur in 2005.


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