Ground Gravity Survey At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Schaefer, 1983)

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Exploration Activity: Ground Gravity Survey At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Schaefer, 1983)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Dixie Valley Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Ground Gravity Survey
Activity Date 1983 - 1983
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
The purpose of this study was to provide the U.S. Bureau of Land Management with information for assessing the geothermal resource potential of Dixie Valley. The goal was to determine the thickness of the valley fill deposits and interpret the interaction between thermal and non-thermal ground water systems.
This gravity survey consisted of 300 gravity measurement stations along 9 east-west profiles. A Wardon Master Model Gravimeter with dial constant of 0.0965 milligal per scale division was used. A 3D inversion model was made to interpret the data. Interpretation of these gravity measurements conclude that Dixie Valley is filled with a maximum of about 3000 m of alluvial and lacustrine deposits. The model also indicated that the central depression of the valley is offset to the west closer to the Stillwater Range.


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