Green Power Marketing

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Gearbox installation at Xcel Energy's Ponnequin Wind Farm in Colorado. Photo from Jeroen van Dam, NREL 19257
Green power marketing provides market-based choices for electricity consumers to purchase power from environmentally preferred sources. The term "green power" defines power generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind power. Green power marketing has the potential to expand domestic markets for renewable energy technologies by fostering greater availability of renewable electric service options in retail markets. Although renewable energy development has traditionally been limited by cost considerations, customer choice allows consumer preferences for cleaner energy sources to be reflected in market transactions. In survey after survey, customers have expressed a preference and willingness to pay more, if necessary, for cleaner energy sources. [1]

The following links provide more information about green power marketing.


O’Shaughnessy, E., J. Heeter, C. Liu, and E. Nobler. 2015. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Status and Trends in the U.S. Voluntary Green Power Market (2014 Data)
This paper reviews the voluntary market and identifies market trends in the growth of voluntary, green power markets in the United States in 2014.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Renewable Energy Certificate and Green Power Markets
This page provides links to publications about green power marketing.

OpenEI. Green Power Purchasing
This page provides a database of green power purchasers in the United States and the eligible technologies.

U.S. Department of Energy. The Green Power Network
This website provides information on power providers, product offerings, consumer protection, and policies affecting green power markets.


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