Green Power Developers

From Open Energy Information

Green Power Developers Green Power Developers is a leading solar energy company, installing and providing residential and commercial solar powered systems to large commercial and industrial facilities. Headquartered in Howell, NJ, Green Power Developers has been delivering quality solar energy solutions throughout the state. Over the last two years, Green Power Developers has installed close to 4 MW of solar energy systems in New Jersey. During the first two months of 2012 alone they have installed nearly 1.5 MW surpassing their monthly projections. Driven by their goal of each customer’s satisfaction, every aspect of their operation maintains superb service and the guarantee of high value for each and every system they provide. Green Power Developers has witnessed tremendous growth in the popularity of solar powered energy systems over the last few years, which has contributed largely to their extraordinary emergence. Their expertise and ingenuity in the industry has leaded them to become one of the top green energy providers within the state of New Jersey. Howell,NJ.


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