Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea's Experience

From Open Energy Information

"Divided into six chapters, GGGI issued an English-language version of the book “Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea’s Experience” in May 2011, outlining the country’s goals for green growth. The book includes details on implementing a policy to tackle challenges brought about by climate change, the importance of increasing energy efficiency and promoting environmental and economic benefits. Commercialization of green technologies is also seen as a key platform for economic growth and job creation. It also provides information on Korea's green growth strategy, legislation and plans. The English-language version of the book was previously available only in Korean. The Korean book, "The Right Way to Know about Green Growth", was published in January 2011 with the support of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth of Republic of Korea. The 223-page English-language book is available in limited quantities from GGGI, but the full PDF version is linked in the side bar."


  1.  "Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea's Experience"