Green Growth Best Practice Initiative (GGBPI)

From Open Energy Information


"During recent years, an increasing number of developed and developing countries are preparing and implementing green growth plans and green sector specific plans. The Green Growth Best Practice Initiative (GGBPI), seeks to improve the quality of green growth planning and implementation through amalgamating, analyzing and actively drawing and sharing best practices from global experience to date. In order for this to be a success, the GGBPI must access the most relevant, up to date information, tap in to previous and ongoing experiences and ensure the continual engagement of those global practitioners, policy makers, academics and private sector stakeholders who will be key in driving forward green growth in practice.

The GGBPI is run by a steering committee of representatives from a broad group of organizations engaged in green growth programs around the world.

...Through combining and leveraging the knowledge, expertise and networks of these organizations, facilitated by the Secretariat hosted by GGGI, the GGBPI aims to foster community learning and improve green growth planning by establishing both an assessment process to identify best practices in support of implementation and an active community of practice for knowledge sharing and dissemination."


"Relevant, high-quality, fact-based analysis and best practice assessments are available and used as guides by policymakers and practitioners to improve the breadth, quality, effectiveness, and adoption of green growth planning and implementation at a national, sub-national, regional and sectoral levels."


  1.  "GGBPI Detailed Project Plan 09-13-2012"