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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

Financial Incentive Program

Place Ohio

Name City of Columbus - Green Columbus Fund
Incentive Type Green Building Incentive
Applicable Sector Commercial, Construction, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential, Nonprofit, Retail Supplier, Private Businesses
Eligible Technologies Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building
Active Incentive Yes
Implementing Sector Local
Energy Category Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

Start Date 2010-10-01

Program Budget $2,000,000

Program Administrator Columbus Department of Development

References DSIRE[1]


The Green Columbus Fund incentivizes sustainable development and redevelopment in Columbus, Ohio. The Fund reimburses private and non-profit developers the application fee for the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) LEED certification. LEED for New Construction, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors, and Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance (EB:O&M) are eligible. In addition to the GBCI application reimbursement, applicants can increase their grant award up to a maximum of triple the application fee through meeting City of Columbus designated criteria. As of February 2012, the City Council had awarded 100% of the first round of funding ($1,000,000). The Fund was appropriated another $1,000,000 in 2012; as of July 2012, 29% of the second round of funding had been awarded.

Qualifications Grant funds will go directly to owners of qualifying Columbus buildings. In order to qualify for the reimbursement funds, projects must 1) be built in the city of Columbus; 2) receive LEED certification for its building; and 3) fulfill at least 8 of 12 key LEED credits designated on the Green Columbus Fund application(EB:O&M projects do not have to meet City-designated credits). Examples of City of Columbus LEED credits include: site selection, development density / community connectivity, and water reduction measures.

Reimbursement Bonuses In addition to grant funds that reimburse the application fee for LEED certification, qualifying private and non-profit projects can receive additional funds based on the level of LEED certification, project siting within inner city developed area, and fulfillment of additional City of Columbus credits beyond the 8 required for qualification.

1. LEED Certification Bonuses: Silver = +50%; Gold = +100%; Platinum = +150%
2. Inner City / Developed Area Bonuses or EB:O&M Bonus: +100%
3. 9 thru 12 City Credit Bonuses: +25% thru +100%
4. Multifamily Bonus: +25%

Interested institutions and project developers, as well as those that have begun the LEED certification process, are encouraged to contact the Columbus Department of Development in order to begin the application process. Green Columbus Fund applicants do not have to wait until the GBCI certification process has been completed in order to submit their application.

Incentive Contact

Contact Name David Hull
Department Columbus Department of Development
Division Office of Sustainability and Regional Development
Address 109 N. Front St.
Place Columbus, Ohio
Zip/Postal Code 43215
Phone (614) 645-6330


  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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