GreenPower Electronic Industries Inc USA

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gpelectronic is a global brand in power electronic solutions, a producer and designer company based in Houston Texas USA. We have over the last decades working with handpicked partners across the globe to offer high quality, cost and energy effective products such as UPS, rectifier, inverter, voltage stabilizer, Solar modules, batteries and customized power solutions .

With robust investment in R&D we are able to consistently develop a cutting edge and energy efficient power solutions to support every day work environments like homes, offices, marine, industrial companies, hospitals, factories, data centers , etc

Our flexibility has helped to design the best possible solutions regarding our customers’ specific needs, offering technical support and service to our global partners and distributors on a wide range of products that are as follows: Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ), Marine UPS, Solar UPS , Power Inverter, Solar Inverter, Rectifier, Voltage Stabilizer, Isolation Transformer, Batteries.

Sales Manager

David Anderson

+1 (281) 827 6718
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Director Of Sales

Ola Akintunde

+44 782 350 7742, +1 (832) 692 2171
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