Good Practice Guidance on the Sustainable Mobilisation of Wood in Europe

From Open Energy Information


"This document is intended to provide guidance for sustainable mobilisation of wood in Europe. The guidance will refer to good practice examples of successful and sustainable mobilisation of wood, to assist policy-makers and practitioners alike in taking and supporting similar measures. As such, this document aims to give clear, concise and operational guidance, and to add value to existing and other ongoing work on the subject, including work conducted by FOREST EUROPE, the European Commission and UNECE/FAO, i.e. related to the implementation of the EU Forest Action Plan, the EU Renewable Energy Policy objectives and action plans, and MCPFE Warsaw Resolution 1 “Forests, Wood and Energy”.

The guidance aims to:

  • identify concrete measures for wood mobilisation and explain their applicability in different conditions;
  • present “good-practice examples” of wood mobilisation, linked to each measure, and explaining determinant factors and possible constraints, ease of implementation, time scales, and potential scale of mobilisation;
  • help decision-makers from administrations and industry, as well as forestry practitioners, make sound choices and implement appropriate actions with respect to all aspects of sustainable wood mobilisation, whilst ensuring sustainable forest management (SFM);"


  1.  "Good Practice Guidance on the Sustainable Mobilisation of Wood in Europe"