Global Timber Market and Forestry Data Project

From Open Energy Information


"This website provides data on global forest resources and timber markets. The purpose of this data is to help modelers advance understanding about the important role that forests play in the global ecosystem and the effects that markets have on these resources. The data can be used by modelers interested in incorporating a more explicit representation of forests into their models. Modelers who may have interest in using the data contained on this page include those who have national or regional forestry models who wish to expand those models to a global scope, agricultural modelers interested in representing the land-use margin between agriculture and forestry more explicitly, energy modelers interested in capturing carbon sequestration in forests or potential for biomass energy, and individuals new to the forestry modeling area interested in getting started. Individuals interested in seeing how this data has been used in analysis should visit the Forests, Economics and Global Climate Change website."


  1.  "Global Timber Market and Forestry Data Project"