Global Solar Opportunity Tool: A Tool for Policy Makers and Energy Analysts

From Open Energy Information

The Global Solar Opportunity Tool enables analysis and visualization of the technical and economic potential for solar electric technologies ranging from residential rooftop systems to utility-scale installations for countries around the world. The Solutions Center has established this tool to assist policy makers and analysts in understanding the size and location of market opportunities for cost-effective deployment of solar technologies. The tool will facilitate analysis of solar potential as well as policies and economic payback of solar PV across countries. The Global Solar Opportunity Tool will allow users to answer the following questions:
  • What is the scale of the potential market opportunity for rooftop and utility scale PV development in my country under different cost scenarios (ranging from $1/Watt to $5/Watt installed cost)?
  • What are payback periods for PV system purchases in my country (and sub-regions for larger countries)?
  • What regions of my country hold the greatest promise for PV development?
  • What policies and measures are being applied to advance solar deployment across countries?
  • What is the relative scale of PV opportunities across countries?