Global Green Growth Forum (3GF)

From Open Energy Information


“3GF offers a space for world economic leaders to challenge conventional thinking and find new green avenues to growth. Green growth has to be at the core of a sustainable strategy to get us out of the economic crisis. To advance this global agenda, Denmark as well as other countries actively engaged in the green transition must take the lead, in close partnership with visionary companies and investors. Together, we can foster the bold decisions necessary to make all of us winners of tomorrow’s green industrial revolution. This is our common responsibility." - Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish Prime Minister


  1. To increase horizontal coordination, learning and inspiration among the initiatives;
  2. To provide political and economic momentum to promising initiatives in order to give them the required scale in speed, and
  3. To strengthen the links to the processes of international policymaking and regulations’ setting in order to ensure that these processes are informed by those who better than anyone can point to the specific barriers for green growth and how to overcome them.