Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy

From Open Energy Information


"The Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy project aims to create a collaborative internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) of these renewable resources that can direct and enhance cooperation on global scenarios and strategies and support decision-making, especially in areas where this information in insufficiently known. IRENA [International Renewable Energy Agency] is playing a lead role in the creation of the Atlas, by working with other international institutions, initially UNEP to provide financial and in-kind resources to the process, but to also ensure that the end-user needs are fulfilled, especially those of Member States, and the programme achieves its maximum impact on deployment of renewable energy technologies."

When completed the Global Atlas will offer different services depending on various user-group requirement. These could include, among others:

  • Technical analysis of wind and solar potential at any geographic scale (e.g. global, continent, region, country);
  • Display of renewable energy options using common physical units, displaying the potential synergies between different technology options, with a facility that allows users to “zoom” into the maps;
  • Real-time calculation of specific indicators, e.g. CO2 reductions, total investment, market volumes, and employment volumes;
  • Potential ability to download maps in an electronic format compatible with standard GIS systems;
  • Documented levels or ranges of uncertainty, and information on data quality."


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