Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP)

From Open Energy Information

The objective of the Energy Development and Access Project in Ghana is to improve the operational efficiency of the electricity distribution system and increase the population's access to electricity. This will also cause Ghana to support its transition to a low-carbon economy through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The project has three main components: (a) sector and institutional development, which will through technical assistance, capacity-building, and studies, will strengthen the capacity of key institutions participating in the project ; (b) distribution improvement, which involves the construction of eight new 33/11 kV substations along with the feeders; the construction and strengthening of bulk supply points; and upgrading of existing substations in several targeted distribution areas; and (c) electricity access and renewable energy, which involves the set up a new institutional, regulatory, and financing framework for access expansion in addition to providing financial support to various sub-components of the access expansion program.


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